The projects are aimed at problem-orientated teaching and the independent development of skills, as well as gaining insight into key aspects of the social, everyday and cultural history of the GDR.

The programme is framed by introductory and assessment group-sessions. The core modules are a guided tour of the exhibition, watching and discussing the documentary film and working with original contemporary witnesses. The schoolchildren work in small groups to develop their own questions and possible solutions to a given task. The results are shared in a collective exchange of findings at the end.

Duration: approx. 4 – 5 hours

The costs for participating are € 1 per pupil per day, plus € 15 (total) for the group guided tour.

Please contact us for detailed information on the events’ content and timetabling. We also warmly invite you to our teachers’ seminars, which provide in-depth information on the museum’s educational programme and allow teachers to discuss them with the museum.

Tel.: + 49 (0)3364 – 41 73 55