Museum Utopie und Alltag


Location Eisenhüttenstadt

Erich-Weinert-Allee 3
15890 Eisenhüttenstadt

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday, national holidays
11.00 – 17.00

If the national holiday is on a Monday, the museum is open. Closed on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year, even on Mondays.
The exhibitions are barrier-free. An elevator and a barrier-free toilet are available.


Adults: € 4
Concessions: € 2*

Groups: € 40**
Guided tours: € 30 / 50 ***
Schulprojekte:  €15 plus 1 € p. P

*Pupils, Students, disabled  persons, Seniors; Children aged under 7: free
** up to 20 people
*** up to 12 people
Tue-Fr: € 30 € / Sa-So: € 50

Location Beeskow

Access via Burg Beeskow
Frankfurter Strasse 23
15848 Beeskow

Guided tours Art Archive:

The Archive in Beeskow can be visited on guided tours. Please see our programme for details. In addition to public guided tours during the current event programme, it is also possible to book special tours.
Please contact us in advance at: +49 (0)3366 – 352727


Per person: € 9
Concessions: € 7*

Special guided tours:
€ 26 per group, plus entrance per person
*Pupils, Students, disabled  persons
** up to 20 people

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Museum Utopie und Alltag

Tel: 03364 – 417 355
Fax: 03364 – 418 947

Postal and invoice adress:
Landkreis Oder-Spree
Kunstarchiv / DOK
Breitscheidstr. 7
15848 Beeskow


Contact Press:

Antje Wilke
Phone: 03366 – 352736

Press releases



From 2009 to 2012, the Beeskow Art Archive cooperated with the Technische Universität Dresden, the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and the Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam in implementing the joint project “DDR-Depotkunst und Geschichtsvergegenwärtigung” (“GDR Depot Art and the Visualisation of History”).

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The project’s declared aim was to make the diverse collections of GDR art, which had disappeared from public spaces as a result of the social upheaval, “visible” in the form of an electronic “image atlas”. The project was accompanied by the production of extensive networking and presentation material, including a database-supported image-source edition.

Further information:
“Bildatlas: Kunst in der DDR” – a joint project with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Stern-Radio „Camping“, Foto: A. Herrmann, Animation: N. Papyannis

On site in Beeskow and in Eisenhüttenstadt, the visitors are the ones who bring the museum to life. In the digital realm, too, we are now creating a place that makes the objects in our collection and the knowledge associated with them permanently accessible to the general public. Everyone can contribute their own stories, memories and photographs on the topic of everyday culture in the GDR on the digital platform Museum Utopie und Alltag digital.

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With the digitization of our collection, we give all interested parties the opportunity to convey history and memories to others themselves. We wish for a lively exchange with each other, about yesterday, but also about today and tomorrow. With the help of these memory impulses, we want to activate the entire social debate on history, the present, and the future.
Join us and create with us a place for collective memory, for lively science, for exchange and dialogue!

Museum Utopie und Alltag digital was developed as part of the “dive in. program for digital interactions” of the German Federal Cultural Foundation, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) in the NEUSTART KULTUR program.