The “project of the century” was accompanied by a major cultural campaign: the GDR brought artists to the pipeline to entertain the “Trasniks”, as the workers were known; artworks were also produced on-site, which were presented at touring exhibitions along the pipeline and in the GDR. The infrastructure project was also showcased in publications and numerous television reports. This exhibition focuses on the connection between culture and economic policy, investigating the image that was constructed for the general public and the role that art played in the process.

Exhibition venue: ehem. Selbstbedienungskaufhalle, Saarlouiser Straße 60a, Eisenhüttenstadt

The project is part of the theme year Kulturland Brandenburg 2021: “The future of the Past – Industrial culture in motion”

The theme year Kulturland Brandenburg 2021 is funded by the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture, as well as the Ministry for Infrastructure and State Planning of the State of Brandenburg.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der brandenburgischen Sparkassen.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg.

Special thanks to Holger Friedrich for kindly providing the project space for the exhibition.